September 2015
Continuum Sax performed at ArtsWorx in Toowoomba (9 September) and Queensland Conservatorium of Music (10 September) with a program of Spanish and latin American inspired works. Premiere’s of transcriptions of Erwin Schulhoff’s Jazz Sketches were a highly of the program.

August 2012

Ockham’s Razor
Continuum Sax to perform the works of Illawarra composers Paul Stanhope and Matthew Hindson. This concert promises to be dynamic, sublime, melodic and rhythmic – exploiting the range of expressions of the quartet to its fullest.

7pm, Sunday 19th August 2012
Wollongong Conservatorium
Conservatorium Auditorium
Gleniffer Brae - Murphy's Ave, Keiraville

July 2012

Continuum Sax performed at the XVI World Saxophone Congress, St Andrews Scotland.

Continuum Sax travelled to Scotland to perform at the World Saxophone Congress giving a concert of works by Matthew Hindson, Paul Stanhope and Martin Kay.

June 2012

Pozible Fundraising Campaign has been Successful!

Continuum Sax have successfully run a fundraising campaign through the crowdfunding website Pozible. We are now in a position to commission the composer Tim Dargaville to write a new piece for us. More information here.

May 2012

The New Music Network presented:

Continuum Sax present experimental scores by Christian Wolff, Morton Feldman, Claude Vivier, Martin Kay and David Reaston. Alongside guest artists David Reaston and Phil Slater, the quartet is stretched asunder and reconfigured, executing ambiguous and ephemeral musical instructions. Continuum Sax explore the liminal state between chamber music and improvisation as they strive to unite sound and symbol within a perspective all their own. Performers: David Reaston (guitar), Phil Slater (trumpet), Christina Leonard (soprano saxophone), James Nightingale (alto saxophone), Martin Kay (tenor saxophone), Nicholas Russoniello (baritone saxophone)

Date: 7.30pm, Friday 11 May 2012
Where: The Red Rattler Theatre,Marrickville

December 2011
Continuum Sax made their Sydney Opera House debut in the Utzon Room, performing Paul Stanhope’s Ockham’s Razor as part of Nicholas Russoniello’s YPA Winners Recital.

October 2011

Dreams You Might Not Come Back From

An outstanding collaboration between Continuum Sax and Clocked Out with music by Margery Smith and Erik Griswold.

MLC School Australian Music Days
Continuum Sax performed Paul Stanhope’s Ockham’s Razor and Robert Davidson’s Brightest Threads as part of the MLC School’s Australian Music Days. Well attended by school students from all over Sydney, this two day event was a fantastic experience.

September 2011
In partnership with the New Music Network present


Saturday 17 September 2011 at 7.30pm
The Independent Theatre, 269 Miller St, North Sydney

ARVO PÄRT Bogoroditse Djevo
ARVO PÄRT Seven Magnificat Antiphons
ERIKS ESENVALDS Evening (Australian premiere)
ERKKI-SVEN TÜÜR Lamentatio (Australian premiere)
GIYA KANCHELI Amao Omi (Australian premiere)
LACHLAN SKIPWORTH Shinjitsu (World premiere)November 2010
Continuum Sax performed at three workshops given by Matthew Hindson for Musica Viva in Schools. The workshops went through Matthew's composition Videogame Dreaming.

July 2011
Continuum Sax performed at the Australian Clarinet and Saxophone Festival, including accompanying Philippe Geiss in the Gala Concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

June 2011
Continuum Sax performed with Leichhardt Espresso Chorus, giving the World Premiere of Dan Walker’s Three Songs for choir, saxophone and piano.

August 2010
Continuum Sax and MATCH Percussion (Daryl Pratt and Alison Pratt) with special guests Natsuko Yoshimoto (violin) and Roland Peelaman (conductor) gave the world premiere of Brian Howard's work Last Blues.

World Premieres:
Lost Blues by Margery Smith
Last Blues by Brian Howard
Ionia by Mary Finsterer

Read the review from the Sydney Morning Herald.

August 2010

Continuum Sax were joined by Dutch virtuoso Niels Bijl in a concert at the Art Gallery of NSW. We played quintets by Ian Wilson, Villa-Lobos, Ravel and a world Premiere performance of Andean Paseo by Sydney composer Dan Rojas.

May 2010
Continuum Sax perform at the 2010 ISCM World Music Days
Pulse of Power Part 2
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
Sunday 2nd May

Continuum Sax perform
Damien Ricketson's Length and Breath, Elena Firsova's Far Away, Robert Davidson's Brightest Threads and JTV's Heartbreakers

This concert that introduces the intriguing, diverse and exhilarating sound world of the saxophone quartet. Recently commissioned works by Robert Davidson and Damien Ricketson illustrate the tuneful minimalism (Brightest Threads) and experimentalist (Length and Breath) styles of Australian composition in the 2000s. Russian composer Elena Firsova’s Far Away is a deeply personal response to physical or geographic separation, themes that resonate strongly within the context of the vast spaces of Australia. Heartbreakers, by Jacob TV (Netherlands) engages with the aggressive exploitative character of television media through a politically charged collage of ‘cultural noise’ that is in turns poignant and exhilarating.

February 2010

Continuum Sax at Campbelltown Arts Centre
8pm, Saturday 13 March, 2010

Continuum Sax perform for the first time at the Campbelltown Arts Centre. The program includes a huge chunk of stuff by Jacob TV including the Australian Premiere of the sax quartet version of

Also on the program are World Premiere performances of
Brightest Threads by Robert Davidson, Ecchymoses by Rosalind Page and Drifting Memories by Katia Beaugeais.

October 2009

The live audio-visual collaboration between VJ/filmmaker Rachel Brown and Continuum Sax is inspired by Jacob TV’s Postnuclear Winterscenario No.10 – a bleakly beautiful sonic portrait of a hypothetical reality. Continuum splays the atmosphere with chords while Brown uses Ms Pinky software to create a parallel universe of images reflecting suspended life and the cold beauty that winter delivers: seasonal or not. Music by Mark Anthony Turnage, Christian Lauba, Elena Firsova and Tony Gorman continue the theme of Winterscenario, reflecting landscape, memory, distance and light.

For the balance of the concert Continuum presents the world premiere of Damien Ricketson’s first saxophone quartet; and the Australian premiere of the spectralist composer Hugues Dufourt’s Quatuor pour saxophones.


July 2009 Dutch Masters

Continuum Sax perform as part of the Australian Institute of Music Sunday concert series at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The concert will feature music from the Netherlands to coincide with the Dutch Masters exhibition. It's in the big room on the right as you walk in.

Program includes music by Martijn Padding, Jacob TV, Orlando di Lassus and Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.

January 2009- Continuum Sax perform at Hyde Park on Australia Day for ABC Classic FM

Continuum Sax performed live to air on ABC Classic FM on Australia Day from Hyde Park in Sydney. Repertoire included the Extraordinary Flight with a Piece of String by Peter Boyd, new songs by Martin Kay, (My Waltz is Longer and Scotland Jop), Puccini, Woods and Cecile Broché. Photo on ABC Website.

December 2008 - Continuum Sax Grab It! Jacob Ter Veldhuis on Saxophones

Continuum Sax present the prerecorded sound worlds of Dutch composer Jacob Ter Veldhuis’ music for saxophone and boombox. Veldhuis' music sides with the underdog and the darker regions of life. Billie Holiday, prison inmates, Times Square Evangelists, and Chet Baker provide speech patterns used to shape the saxophones phraseology. The tonality of the saxophone quartet vies for prominence with the gnashing music of the boombox in this rhythmically assertive, architecturally exciting, and emotionally engaging music. 

September 2008 - Continuum Sax @ The Hollywood
Imagine listening to Continuum Sax perform in a cosy National Trust hotel. Now imagine further that they are recreating the work of iconic Sydney saxophone quartet the Original Otto Orchestra. Low frequency bass sax rumbles at no extra cost. Vague beads of sweat formed through sinuous melody, strange aquatic chords, and a prehensile grip on the transitory. Then add beer. Something along those lines ..............

August 2008 - Continuum Sax and Cécile Broché

Continuum Sax performs with the Belgian eclectic electric violinist Cécile Broché, exploring the exotic, the wild, and the intriguing. Broché’s improvisational and compositional styles embrace  rock, jazz, experimental, world, and classical genres, creating concatenations and collisions of colours. Think Hendrix, Varese, tourettes, grooves, traffic, cafes, clouds ...... Featuring world premieres of compositions by Margery Smith and Cecile Broche. To preview this wonderful artist visit http://  

April 2008

Continuum Sax recorded 36 tracks for Reedmusic at Move Studios. These should be available on a sampler CD or through the website in the near future.
View Photos Here

March 2008

Continuum Sax will be part of Restrung at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre. They will perform a concert with Wood and the David Chesworth Ensemble as well as participate in the modular orchestra. Details available soon.

Australia Day 2008

Continuum Sax performed at a live broadcast from Hyde Park on Australia Day. Music by Elena Kats-Chernin, Piazzolla, Albeniz, Lachlan Davidson, and Stuart Greenbaum.


Translation: "interpretation or an explanation" or "removal or conveyance from one condition to another". An adaptation of a musical piece for performance on another combination of instruments is referred to as a transcription. Is such a transcription a work of art?

Sciarrino describes his 'elaboration', Pagine, as a translation for the saxophone quartet. The piece contains a number of excerpts from the Western tradition of notated music that have been adapted for saxophone quartet. Krzysztof Penderecki's Quartett for clarinet and string trio and Henri Pousseur's Vue Sur Les Jardins Interdits, are also works that have had a previous existence before their present incarnations for the saxophone quartet.
Plagiarism or translation? You be the judge. Continuum Sax is Margery Smith, James Nightingale, Martin Kay and Jarrod Whitbourn.

Presented by the New Music Network


July 2007

The Music Department of MLC School have invited Continuum Sax to be guest artists at their Australian Music Day. Activities include improvisation and composition workshops, and a performance of Stuart Greenbaum's saxophone quartet, Five of One, Half a Dozen of the Other....


1pm, Thursday, 19th July, 2007

Featuring Pagine by Salvatore Sciarrino.